Thursday, March 26, 2009

The big apple

I'm going to New York in the summer! I'm sooooooo excited. Just waking up in a beautiful hotel, drinking starbucks every morning. Going shopping every afternoon and eating in the best restaurants every night and than party untill the sun is rising :D Goshh i can't waight.


  1. NY ? OMG, you're such a lucky girl.

  2. ik wilooook!
    was er vorig jaar in de zomer en het is er echt geweldig! Heel veel plezier dus

  3. You are so incredibly lucky. My dream is to go to F.I.T to study fashion marketing and then intern in NY. Maybe after i finish design school in lonely Vancouver B.C...

  4. woww i envy you!it's also my dream too.I'm waiting to come true =) great blog hope you enjoy mine too..

  5. lucky girl ! i wish i could come ! i live in paris but mydream is to life few time in new york aaaaaaaah

    a bientot !